Compostable Meat Tray For Organic Meat

2018-10-22 166

The meat tray, transparent film, label and absorption pad will all be bio-based and compostable according to the EN-134342 norm, as well as indistinguishable from traditional meat packaging.

This is the first meat tray in the entire world which is completely compostable in accordance with the strict EN-13432 norm. Therefore, the tray may be labelled with the Seedling logo and can be thrown in the bin for organic waste after use. The tray and film are made of PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), which is made from sugar canes. The impact of these trays on the environment is considerably less than traditional trays, as the resources are renewable. This means that no fossil resources are used at all. The absorption pad is made of cellulose and the label, including glue and ink, is completely compostable as well.'

This meat tray is more fragile than other types of plastic, which means you have to add approved impact additives to the mix. In addition, the material must have good barrier properties and the packaging should be able to be mechanically processed with ease.

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