Custom Clamshell Packaging

2018-09-14 133

Our extensive experience with custom clamshell packaging along with an ISO 9001:2008 certification allows us to design ideal solutions for all of your custom clamshell packaging needs. Custom clamshell packaging will display your products for optimum value, protect against pilferage and maximize the use of expensive shelf space. We have expertise in various industries including custom clamshell packaging for food, retail and medical products.

What is Custom Clamshell Packaging?

Plastic clamshell packaging is a thermoformed plastic package designed to encapsulate and clearly display a retail product. The term clamshell refers to the hinging of the product similar to a "clamshell" that you may find at the beach. Some custom plastic clamshell packaging products will have a single hinge with the ability to also hang from a shelf. Other more complicated custom plastic clamshell packaging needs may require a multi-hinged design as well as a base for multiple display options.

Whatever your custom plastic clamshell packaging requirements may be, we will assist you in the design, tooling and manufacture of your product. Contact Us today for a consultation.

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