Disposable Cupcake Tray

2019-08-12 181

PERFECT FOR PARTIES: Whether you're having a birthday party at the park, a class party or an office party, these disposable cupcake trays are what you need to get your amazing homemade cupcakes or muffins to where you need to go.

CLASSIC BAKERY DESIGN: These cupcake bakery containers are the perfect size for your cupcakes since they are just like the cupcake trays they use at the bakery.

STRONG LOCK TO KEEP YOUR CUPCAKES IN PLACE: Don't fret the car trip to the party because with these disposable cupcake trays, things will stay in place due to the strong push locks.

CARRY UP TO 120 CUPCAKES: Each clear plastic cupcake tray carries 6 cupcakes or muffins and there are 20 in this pack.

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