Electronic devices have specific clamshell requirements

2019-06-19 244

Some devices are electrostatic-sensitive, requiring electronic clamshell made from electrostatic-discharge or dissipative materials (ESD). Some electronics require impact resistance or pilferage-proof electronic clamshell features.

All electronic products require electronic clamshell with sophisticated design and engineering to get the electronic device from the point of production to the point of sale or use.

We have experience designing and manufacturing thermoformed electronic clamshell solutions for electronic devices for OEMs and consumers. Examples include plastic electronic clamshells, blisters, insert trays, and dunnage trays. All thermoformed electronic clamshell is offered in electrostatic-dissipative materials (ESD).

Thoughtful design, quick turn-times, competitive pricing, and high-quality thermoforming are necessary for those supplyingelectronic clamshell to the electronic OEM and consumer electronics industries.

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