Fruit punnet solution extends shelf-life of cut fruit by up to 4 day

2019-03-07 121

A new fruit punnet solution which incorporates shelf-life extending technology has shown significant shelf-life extension with punnets of cut fruit.

fruit punnet offers shelf-life extension by combining various elements into one complete fruit punnet solution, including the anti-mist punnet tray, fruit punnet films and absorbent technology.

We offer the absorbency, with options including anti-bacterial and ethylene absorbency, both of which can have a positive impact on the shelf-life of soft and delicate fruits.

During recent independently-run trials, portions of cut fruit - apples, pineapples, kiwi and melon – were acheiving an additional two to four days shelf-life using fruit punnet when compared with standard trays and films, which could make a huge difference to retailers.

Case studies relating to other fruits show similar benefits to the cut-fruit. With grapes, the system prevents wilting and delays fungal growth, while maintaining flavour, while with mushrooms it has been shown to maintain whiteness and prevent discolouration.

Meanwhile with berries, it has been shown to slow-down ripening, delay the detachment of berries from their stalks, and help delay fungal growth on the surface of the fruit.

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