Hardware clamshell for a decking hardware kit

2018-10-30 182

As a full-service company equipped to manage the design, manufacturing, kitting and fulfillment, we had the perfect background for helping this customer find a solution. We collaborated with the client to develop a hardware clamshell that incorporated features that improved consumer impact while also housing an unobtrusive security tag. This robust package aligns with the retail footprint, protects the contents and provides ample space for the client to convey their marketing message.

This hardware clamshell kit measures 7" x 5" and contains an assortment of powder coated brackets, screws and other hardware that we manufacture. In addition to the security tag, we assemble the kits with marketing header cards, labels and barcodes and then package them in display boxes. We developed a work cell based on the one-piece flow concept to ensure a high level of quality while allowing for scalability, flexibility and minimal inventory overhead. This production model allowed us to maintain the unit cost structure and we implemented a timetable that ensured an uninterrupted supply of product.

Transitioning to our totally new packaging concept, with its more appealing design and built-in security feature, was the ticket for success. Along with an immediate upsurge in sales, loss from theft dramatically decreased.

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