Lettuce Clamshell Food Grade Eco-friendly

2019-08-13 134

Lettuce clamshell produce packaging was originally introduced in the early 1990's, offering multiple benefits for both produce growers and grocery consumers, compared to previously available alternative methods of packaging.

Each lettuce clamshell package is made of thermoformed plastic. Over the years, lettuce clamshell produce packaging has allowed growers and retailers the flexibility to market a wide range of standard sizes and styles for a variety of different produce to be displayed in a point of purchase display. This type of produce packaging is very popular for almost every type of produce grown around the world.

Hinged lettuce clamshells is a great way to display your hydroponic lettuce. Comes with hinged lid. Makes merchandising your lettuce easy. Uniquely designed to allow for efficient and stable stacking so you can effectively merchandise your product with eye-catching displays that also conserve shelf space.

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