New mushroom punnet packaging extends shelf life

2018-10-25 210

We are trialling innovative new packaging for our fresh mushrooms that will help keep them fresher for longer and reduce food waste.

We are always looking for new ways to reduce food waste and bring fresh British produce to our customers. So, this week we're launching a trial of our new fully recyclable pulp mashroom punnet.

The new pulp mashroom punnet will hopefully extend the shelf life. This will help stores reduce waste and ultimately means that customers will be able to keep their mushrooms for longer helping to reduce food waste in the home.

Innovative packaging

Aesthetically the mashroom punnets have a more natural look and feel which we hope will address the customers concerns about the plastic punnets.

The mashroom punnets are made from fully recyclable material and allows for moisture to be absorbed, whilst still maintaining integrity. In a standard plastic punnet, moisture cannot be absorbed and sits in the bottom of the container. This exposure can lead to increased deterioration of the mushrooms by becoming discoloured and soft. These new mashroom punnets will prevent that.

No time for waste

Little changes like this are part of our ongoing work to tackle food waste wherever it occurs – from farm to fork. Tesco believes that no food that could be eaten should be wasted.

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