Packaging container of grape clamshell

2018-09-12 122

Fruits & Vegetables Container features:

1. Made from PETE, the most environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable plastic, crystal clear grape clamshell will show of your fruits looks freshness & better.

2. 30 minutes faster than other grape clamshell in pre-cooling because of the special design 3 ventilation holes in the hinge.

3. Audible positive locking feature at the four corners ensured a closed lid.

4. Available in an extensive range of sizes from 1 to 4 pounds to suit growers needs.

5. Other specialty P&P containers include a 4-pocket grape clamshell for tomatoes, and grape clamshell for Asparagus or basil.

6. Meet industry-accepted standards for size, volume, strength and suitable for storing on standard pallets.

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