Vegetable clamshell provide the ultimate in sightlines

2019-12-17 280

Clamshell packages make fruits and vegetables, especially smaller varieties, easy to display, which in turn makes it easy for consumers to inspect those foods. If you’re buying, for example, grape tomatoes, a bag makes it difficult to inspect everything in the package. And selling smaller foods individually makes little sense, as it’s not convenient and is sure to result in lots of spillage and waste.

Consumers will pay a premium for safety and convenience, both of which a vegetable clamshell container offers. Enhanced leak-resistance, the ability to re-seal the contents, tamper-resistance and environmentally responsible packaging that can be easily recycled are all components of vegetable clamshells that have been shown to attract consumers and increase sales.

It’s easy to see why vegetable clamshells have so much appeal. First, they allow shoppers to clearly see the fruits and vegetables inside the packaging — consumers can see exactly how much produce they’re buying, and the quality of the food itself. For example, if you’re buying strawberries or blueberries, you can hold up the package and inspect the fruit inside, even the berries on the bottom.

And because they’re durable, vegetable clamshells send a signal that the fruit inside has been well-protected through the shipping and delivery processes.

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